Brit Washburn

Lead Teacher

Hello, my name is Brit Washburn and I am so grateful to be joining the Asheville Montessori School community as an assistant teacher. I was in fifth grade when I first checked out a biography of Maria Montessori from my public school library for a non-fiction book report and, ever since then, I have been inspired by Montessori’s keen intelligence, determination, insight, and compassion, both as a woman and as a scholar and educator.

It wasn’t until many years later that I first stepped into a Montessori classroom and had an immediate, visceral response to the beauty of the prepared environment and materials, and the energy of the students and teachers within it, who seemed at once curious and calm, engaged and at ease, focused and fulfilled by what they were doing. This, I knew, was what I most wanted for my own first children, who are now nearly 15, 18, and 20, and went on to attend Montessori schools from casa through 8th grade.
Meanwhile, I joined their school as a provider of locally-sourced, organic, vegetarian lunches to as many as 80 Montessori students, faculty, and staff daily, and developed a Montessori-based curriculum for cooking classes with an emphasis on environmental awareness, sustainability, and food culture, offered as a part of the extended day for all ages.

In addition to a love of children and teaching, cooking and baking, my life’s work has been as a poet, writer, and editor. I am also a certified yoga instructor and enjoy taking long walks and spending time in the natural world. I feel passionately that our lives are given meaning through service and want nothing more than to help others find a similar sense of meaning, purpose, and inspiration in their lives. I look forward to bringing this devotion to Asheville Montessori, along with my nearly five-year-old daughter, Mara, who will be joining us as a student! We can’t wait to meet you all.

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