Summer Camps

Summer Camp at Asheville Montessori School is a wonderful opportunity to introduce new students to the Montessori method while being immersed in a fun, educational opportunity.

Camp Basics

  • All camps run Mon–Fri, 9:00am–1:00pm
  • Morning drop-off carline runs 8:50–9:00am
  • Afternoon pickup carline runs 12:50–1:00pm
  • For children ages 3 to 6
  • Each camper must have accomplished our Entry Level Skills
  • Summer camp reservations are on a first-come/first-serve basis.
  • If you do not get into the camp you want, your deposit will be automatically refunded… unless you indicate alternate choices in the Reservation Form.
  • Tuition is $195 per camp/per child.
  • A $50 deposit per camp/per child will be due when you submit your Reservation Form.
  • Payment of your deposit does not guarantee your first choice.


  • All of our staff will have been fully vaccinated by the beginning of camp. All staff and visitors will be required to wear mask while on school grounds.
  • Summer camp is only open to children who are currently enrolled in the 2021-22 school year and who have or will be enrolled in the 2022-23 school year.
  • Currently, masks will be optional. However, due to the changing nature of Covid, the Director reserves the right to change the policy as circumstances dictate.
  • Parents will need to provide a nutritious lunch for their children.

What to bring on the FIRST DAY

Bring these items on the first day of each camp (Monday) to leave at camp for the week. Hand both directly to a teacher in the drop-off carline. We are required to keep all sunscreen locked up and out of reach of children, and we might not see it if it is tucked inside a backpack!! Thanks for your help on this matter.

  • Full change of clothes: Please pack shirt, shorts, underwear & socks in a Ziploc bag and label it clearly with your child’s name
  • Sunscreen: Please label sunscreen with your child’s name. You must complete an Ointment Use Permission Slip for the sunscreen you are bringing.

What to bring EVERY DAY

  • Water bottle: Please label it clearly with your child’s name. Water only, please!
  • Nutritious lunch: We will provide organic cow’s milk at lunchtime. If you would prefer a different lunchtime beverage, please pack it with the lunch along with a note so we will not offer milk. Thanks!
  • IMPORTANT! WE ARE A NUT-FREE ENVIRONMENT! Please do not bring foods containing peanuts or tree nuts of any kind! We have children in attendance who are severely allergic to these foods. Thank you for understanding.
  • First Application of Sunscreen: Please put the first application on your child before drop-off each day — we will be happy to reapply.

1. Fill out the Reservation Form (once Reservations have been opened).

  • You must complete all required fields.
  • You can indicate alternate plans if you don’t get in your preferred camp. Otherwise, you will be automatically refunded your deposit.
  • You can enroll additional children by clicking the “Add Child” button.

2. Click submit and you will be directed to PayPal to complete payment.

  • The reservation fee is $50 per camp/per child. The remaining $145 is due before the first day of camp.

3. You will be contacted if you do not get your first choice.

  • You may select an alternative camp or receive a refund.

Please contact the office if there are any changes after you have submitted your Reservation Form.

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