Phil Gregory – Business Administrator

“I grew up as a Montessori student from first through eighth grade, before moving to Asheville and attending AC Reynolds High School. Post high school I studied Environmental Science at Florida State University, and an emphasis in my studies on sustainable agriculture brought me back to Western North Carolina to work on various organic farms. After farming, a strange twist of fate brought me to a career in Finance first working for Fidelity Investments, then Merrill Lynch.

My wife, Leigh and I have two sons Alvah and Whitman, ages 4 and 2. During the pandemic Leigh decided to return to her career and at that time I was looking to step away from finance. So I opted to stay home and spend time with our boys. During this time is when I started talks with my parents (Steve and Nan Gregory) about helping to manage the business side of Asheville Montessori School so that they could take a step back from school, and look toward retirement.

I am thrilled to be back home in Asheville, and to be working with my whole Asheville Montessori School family! I am also thrilled to have my sons be able to come through the school as well. I truly believe it will be a pivotal part of their foundation and success.”

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